Publishing Feminisms is a working group that emerged from a three-day symposium held in Banff, Alberta, in May 2015. The symposium brought together feminist scholars and practitioners who are working on a variety of linked projects related to publishing, periodicals, and print culture in and beyond feminism’s second wave.

Publishing Feminisms at NWSA, the National Women’s Studies Association: 

NWSA 2019:
Feminist Publishing Across/Crossing Borders (Friday Nov 15 at 4:35)
1. Publishing Intimacy: Envisioning Resistance through Feminist Diaries/ Meredith Benjamin
2. Remediating Lesbian Pornography: The On Our Backs Digitization Debate/ Elizabeth Groeneveld
3. Rhizomatic Resistance: Environmental and Trans-Species Ethics in Feminist and Queer Print Culture/ Lauran Whitworth

Print Objects: Resisting the Status Quo in Feminist Publishing (Saturday Nov 16 at 9:15)
1. Bridging Theory and Practice through Public Writing/ Carrie Baker
2. Building a Cohort for Protest: Lesbians Cartoonists in Gay Comix/ Margaret Galvan
3. “Sister Inside’”: Locating Women’s Prison Zines in the Women in Print Movement/ Olivia Wright

Publishing Bodies, Building Worlds (Sunday, Nov 17 at 9:35)
1. Trans* Bodies in Lesbian Pornography: Representation in On Our Backs Magazine/ Elizabeth Groeneveld
2. The Hero and the Villain: A Feminist Autoethnography of Online Gender Performance/ Sharon Lauricella
3. “Sketches of Life”: Cut-and-Paste Practices of Aesthetic Resistance in Transvestia Magazine/ Melina Alice Moore

**Group Business Meeting Sunday Nov 17 at 8:00am