Publishing Feminisms is a working group that emerged from a three-day symposium held in Banff, Alberta, in May 2015. The symposium brought together feminist scholars and practitioners who are working on a variety of linked projects related to publishing, periodicals, and print culture in and beyond feminism’s second wave.

What are the goals of the Publishing Feminisms Working Group? Centrally, it will maintain connections initially made at the 2015 symposium. Goals, strategies, and projects of the Working Group will be determined by participants in conversations that will emerge in the coming months and years.

At our first meeting, the following committees were struck:

COMMUNICATIONS: Jenna Danchuk, Cait McKinney, Jennifer Sweatman, Roewan Crowe. The first goal of this committee is to explore best options for communication among members of the working group. Possibilities include a listserv, googlegroup, facebook, or a discussion board on this webpage.

CONFERENCE: Marva Milo, Michelle Meagher, Batya Weinbaum, Amy Farrell.
The first goals of this committee will be to explore possible settings for future meetings and to explore funding strategies.